We will be in receipt of $5000,00 from YUMIKO to go towards a scholarship, so we encourage you to apply, or suggest students, aged between 14-18 who fit our criteria. The information regarding our criteria can be found under at www.enavantfoundation.com/scholarships/.

We have also received a very special donation of $1000 in honor of former principal dancer of The Australian Ballet, Kelvin Coe (pictured).

Kelvin was a wonderful artist and dancer who represented all the qualities that we feel pertain to our mission for En Avant Foundation. We are grateful to Nancy Sutherland for this donation. More on Kelvin Coe, including a link to his dancing, can be found here.

We are also in receipt of a donation of $5000,00, specified as a matching grant. That means, we will receive the $5000.00 IF we can raise the equal amount ourselves; so you might be reading and hearing more about En Avant Foundation in the months to come in our efforts to fundraise.

If you know of anyone who would like to donate to En Avant Foundation to help us to provide further scholarships, or help us in our efforts to supply our workshops with the highest calibre teachers and coaches, we direct you to www.enavantfoundation.com/donate/. Donations are gratefully accepted.