Master Classes

Master Classes

The concept of the Master Class has been around for a long time.

Master classes take place regularly with eminent artists from the opera or theatre passing their knowledge to the younger generation.

We feel that there are highly skilled, yet under utilised, ballet master teachers who are qualified, by virtue of their brilliant careers, to coach and teach.

What we offer by playing host to some of the biggest names from the ballet world is a supplement to work already taking place and is not meant as a replacement to the process that occurs in the studio with your teacher and within companies.

With our Master Classes and Workshops, En Avant Foundation can offer something unique; access to other experts involved in the ballet. This is particularly designed to support the emerging dancer, but these sessions also take care of the needs of the professional dancer.

If you have a question about your work or simply wish to become inspired, we hope you will take part in our event.

Master Class & Master Coaching Session

En Avant Foundation asks that participants be of a high standard, pre-professional or professional, and must be age 14 or above at the time of the application.

Please download the form for further details, including fees, and to Pre-register for the Master class and coaching sessions.

Download Masterclass Pre-Registration Form
Masterclass Fees: